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Your Local NHS Hospitals & Birth Centres

Did you know you can actually choose where to have your baby?  Most expectant parents like you aren't aware of this!


Apart from home, you can choose any hospital you like.  Here are some links to our most local hospitals.  It's well worth considering those slightly outside of your area too, as there are a couple of Midwife Led Units located there.  These units look and feel more like a Spa than a hospital!  If you have had a normal pregnancy they are safe, have a higher percentage of normal birth rates than your consultant led unit and are very woman/family centred.


If you are choosing to have your baby in hospital or a Midwife Led Unit it's well worth having a look around to familiarise yourself with it first.   There are occasions when your first choice of unit is full, so occasionally you maybe diverted to another local hospital.

Want to know more? Use the Which? Birth Choice tool to browse and compare labour wards and birth centres across the region.

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