Independent Midwives and Doulas

Independent Midwives work outside of the NHS and can support you through your pregnancy, birth and early postnatal weeks. Doulas support women and their families through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, in practical and emotional, but non-medical ways.

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Annie Robertson   Independent Midwife

I've been a midwife for over 30 years and a self-employed Independent Midwife for over 20 years so have a deep knowledge, skill base and intuitive feel for all things to do with pregnancy and birth.  I love supporting women and their family through this amazing, special time, giving joined up, calm midwifery care.  I give unhurried antenatal care from when you book me in your home, at a time that suits you, really listening to you and respecting your choices.  Plenty of time for emotional and practical support as well as the physical checks to keep you and baby safe.


Birth at home or I'll accompany you to hospital at the right time. And then after your baby is born, all the support and information you need to feel confident and relaxed as well as the physical checks.  


"As soon as you walked in you made me feel calm, safe and empowered. The birth was so special for all the family and you helped make it exactly what I'd hoped for."  Anna. Worcester May 2014

Tel. 01981 240632 / 07816 751573 


Angie Williamson   Independent Midwife

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Hi, my name is Angie. I am passionate about giving  women choices and the rights to make decisions on their own care.


I offer private and individualised midwifery care, to suit every pregnant woman’s needs. Evidence shows that full ‘Continuity of Care’ in pregnancy, greatly improves all outcomes for women and their babies. With an overstretched NHS service, often many women feel that they do not receive the level of care and attention that they would wish for, during their pregnancy and in the postnatal period.

As an experienced Community Midwife, I understand the need for protected time to talk through your worries, concerns and expectations in pregnancy. Sadly, NHS midwives are constrained to appointment slots of only fifteen minutes to half an hour and this often does not allow sufficient time to fully discuss your needs and answer the questions that you will most likely have. This is why I believe that appointments should last as long as is required. They will never be rushed and you will always get the chance to discuss any issues that you might have in full.


Angie 07588 399040


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Birth/Postnatal Doulas

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Karen Ramsay Birth and Postnatal Doula

 "I see a different person at every antenatal appointment - who knows who I'll get on the day!

Many women know they would feel more confident about giving birth if they could be sure of having a familiar person supporting them throughout  their labour. Fathers, too, say that this kind of back up helps them to feel more relaxed in their role as birth partner. Karen uses her experience of being a mother and former midwife to offer emotional and practical support to women and their families before, during and after birth.

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Tel. 01568 797800 / 07773 893655       E-mail      




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Blossom Baby Doula Service

As a doula I offer practical and emotional support to both the mother to be and her birthing partner throughout her pregnancy, the birth and during those early days with their new baby. I can develop a deep understanding of the couple’s wishes and ensure that I help them achieve those during the birth and early days. During the prelabour period, I can help with reducing anxiety through hynosis-relaxation sessions as well as offering suggestions to improve baby’s presentation to help achieve OFP (optimal fetal position) helping make labour shorter and easier. During labour and birth I provide support with breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, rebozo, acupressure, suggestions for movement and positions, all of which can help labour advance more smoothly. After the birth, I can support with breastfeeding – as a fully trained and experienced breastfeeding supporter I can help from the very first feed through to the early days and weeks. I can also provide support with practical baby care and handling of baby, light household duties, looking after siblings and even support during the first trip to the supermarket! 






Helen is a  Doula UK recognised doula.


Tel. 07920 514903    Email   

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Contact Lara

Lara Mitchell, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond 


You’re expecting a baby ..congratulations! 


I’m Lara and I am so passionate about supporting you through pregnancy, birth and as you go on your journey to become parents. 


I’ve just completed a degree at Worcester University with the NCT in Birth & Beyond. I am now a Postnatal Practitioner, Birth and Postnatal Doula and Baby Massage teacher. 

As well as that .... I have also trained to become a Hypnobirthing Instructor with the Little Birth Company. 


I can share with you a complete ‘tool kit’ of self hypnosis, relaxation, breathing techniques, beautiful visualisations and detailed guided scripts to focus your mind to enable you to have a wonderful experience - something that for me would be a complete honour to be part of. 


The more relaxed and calm you can be during labour, the more in control and positive you will feel. Hypnobirthing gives you the confidence to follow your own instincts and make informed decisions that feel right for you and your baby. 


If you’re really excited but also have a few nerves kicking about, I can help your mind release these negative feelings, empowering you to feel strong and help you to know what to expect. 


I offer -


FREE Taster Sessions - 1 hour 


You may have heard about this thing called Hypnobirthing and often wondered what it was all about. You or your partner may have questions you want to ask before committing to a full course. Well join me for a FREE no obligation ‘Taster’ session in my own home where I’ll make you a cuppa and answer all of your niggling questions. I’m also happy to do this in the comfort of your own home. 

Private One to One sessions in my own home WR6 6QA. (Following full Covid guidelines)

This would be a five week course with each season lasting two hours.  (Can be done online)




- Client Manual detailing the full course

- Link to a list of the MP3’s we listen to in the session for you to download to your own device to practice in between sessions 

- Access to the Little Birth Company Facebook Community 

- Affirmation Cards 

- Refreshments at the end of the session 


Price - £200 


Group Sessions (To be confirmed and can be done online) .


- All of the above included. 

- Group of up to four couples 


Price - £150 


I would love it if you would follow me on my Facebook page where I’ll keep you updated with regular posts. 


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