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Independent Midwives and Doulas

Independent Midwives work outside of the NHS and can support you through your pregnancy, birth and early postnatal weeks. Doulas support women and their families through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, in practical and emotional, but non-medical ways.

Angie Williamson   Independent Midwife

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Hi, my name is Angie. I am passionate about giving  women choices and the rights to make decisions on their own care.


I offer private and individualised midwifery care, to suit every pregnant woman’s needs. Evidence shows that full ‘Continuity of Care’ in pregnancy, greatly improves all outcomes for women and their babies. With an overstretched NHS service, often many women feel that they do not receive the level of care and attention that they would wish for, during their pregnancy and in the postnatal period.

As an experienced Community Midwife, I understand the need for protected time to talk through your worries, concerns and expectations in pregnancy. Sadly, NHS midwives are constrained to appointment slots of only fifteen minutes to half an hour and this often does not allow sufficient time to fully discuss your needs and answer the questions that you will most likely have. This is why I believe that appointments should last as long as is required. They will never be rushed and you will always get the chance to discuss any issues that you might have in full.


Angie 07588 399040


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Birth/Postnatal Doulas


Blossom Baby Doula Service

As a doula I offer practical and emotional support to both the mother to be and her birthing partner throughout her pregnancy, the birth and during those early days with their new baby. I can develop a deep understanding of the couple’s wishes and ensure that I help them achieve those during the birth and early days. During the prelabour period, I can help with reducing anxiety through hynosis-relaxation sessions as well as offering suggestions to improve baby’s presentation to help achieve OFP (optimal fetal position) helping make labour shorter and easier.


During labour and birth I provide support with breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, rebozo, acupressure, suggestions for movement and positions, all of which can help labour advance more smoothly.


After the birth, I can support with breastfeeding – as a fully trained and experienced breastfeeding supporter I can help from the very first feed through to the early days and weeks. I can also provide support with practical baby care and handling of baby, light household duties, looking after siblings and even support during the first trip to the supermarket! 






Helen is a  Doula UK recognised doula.


Tel. 07920 514903    Email   

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