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HypnoBirthing Classes

Classes and courses to help you prepare for birth using hypnotherapy techniques.


Calma Birthing

With Kerrie Fleet

Abberley and surrounding areas.

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When you change the way you view birth,
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Say "Hello"!

Contact Kerrie

Tel.07837 200 254


Hello and congratulations your pregnancy!

This is me with my youngest on his Calma Birth day!  I had my own CALMER and POSTIVE birth's twice using HypnoBirthing™ The Marie Mongan Method and I want you to have yours! 


My courses will take you from feeling fear and dread about birth to calm, confident and EXCITED about birthing your baby!   If you are an expectant parent looking to take hypnobirthing classes in Worcestershire and surrounding areas, then you are in the right spot.

Whether it’s your first, second, third or fourth pregnancy get started today with Calma Birthing courses and get excited about YOUR birth!!  My courses are suitable for all births, providing a comprehensive and completely logical birth changing, evidence based course, fully preparing you and your birth partner; equipping you both with a powerful toolbox of HypnoBirthing™ skills, techniques, knowledge and so much more. 

Together with my ongoing support following the course to help you feel fully prepared, supported, calm and positive about your birth, and better able to navigate our amazing NHS maternity care and make informed positive birthing decisions whatever turn YOUR birthing journey may take, for a CALMER and COMFORTABLE birth. 

Have a peek at my website for full details and be sure to like and follow me on Social media for lots of lovely informative articles, beautiful birth stories to keep you informed and inspired and 5 star reviews and testimonials from my past HypnoBirthing couples.

Covering Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, The Cotswolds and West Midlands.


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Rock Your Birth

Bromsgrove and surrounding areas.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Are you excited about becoming a parent but anxious about the birth bit?


Or maybe you just want to prepare to have the best birth possible?


Let me help you to feel prepared, confident and positive about your birth and beyond!    


Hypnobirthing antenatal course:


- Turn feelings of fear into confidence and positivity

- Learn about the science behind birth and how to work with your body

- Understand your choices, how to make decisions and feel in control

- Have a birth partner that is knowledgeable and knows how to support you best 

- Have tools to help you stay calm no matter what


Monthly group courses on Monday evenings from my home in Stoke Prior B60 4BH £250 including materials and ongoing support


Luxury one day group hypnobirthing course held one Saturday a month at The Fold, Bransford WR6 5JB £225 includes breakfast pastries,lunch, all materials and ongoing support


Private courses where I come to you or you come to me at mutually agreed dates and times £400 includes materials and ongoing support


Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops:


A three hour workshop aimed at helping couples to feel informed, confident and positive about breastfeeding.  Held one Saturday a month £50


- Understand how breastfeeding works

- What to expect in the early days

- Importance of good attachment

- How to be supported and where to go for help

- Tools to help you feel calm in your new role as a parent

Why not follow my Facebook page to help you to start to feel positive about your birth


Call me Anna on 07843627518   Email

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Contact Esther

Tel.07929 557654


A Calmer Birth

Kidderminster and Surrounding Areas

Hello! I'm Esther, a Licensed Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner and a practicing Registered Nurse in Worcestershire.


Let me help you feel excited and prepared for your upcoming birth!


Having experienced 3 wonderful natural births using hypnobirthing methods myself, I would love to support you in achieving the same calm and empowering birth experience. The use of relaxation, effective breathing, visualisations and affirmations are some of the tools and techniques I can teach you to allow your confidence to grow and to help you believe in your body's natural and instinctive ability to birth comfortably and calmly.


My courses are split over 2 sessions ...


Day 1: Natural pain relief

Day 2: Practical birth preparation


Also included will be an ebook on effective birth preparation and various download tracks such as relaxing birth music, labour companion tracks and ​even a track for your birth partner.


The courses cover everything from hopes and fears, the impact of fear on birth, perspectives on birth, practical comfort measures, breathing & relaxation techniques, working with the medical team, your birth partners role, birth physiology and much more besides. There are also several hypnosis or relaxation sessions to help you understand what it is all about, as well as various opportunities for you to personalise your preparation so it really works for you.​


Here are some of the reported benefits of hypnobirthing for you to think about ...

  • Shorter labours

  • Less reported pain

  • Less medication

  • More frequent spontaneous delivery

  • Less fear, more trust

  • Reduced incidences of postnatal depression

  • Better prepared and informed birth partners

  • Calmer babies

  • Easier feeding and better sleeping

If this sounds of interest to you, please do get in touch and feel free to ask more questions about how I can help you.


Speak soon!



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Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course

I’m Zoe of MamaBabyBliss Worcester and I run hypnobirthing Antenatal Courses, alongside my Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga and Baby Massage classes.

I learnt to use hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of my eldest child in 2015, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I loved using the relaxation techniques throughout my pregnancy, and was then amazed by how effective they were during the labour. 3 years later I used hypnobirthing techniques again with my next baby, and was thrilled when they were even more effective second time round. I know that hypnobirthing, along with pregnancy yoga helped me so much in my two labours and I feel so strongly that it can help you too. I’m here to share my knowledge and help other mums have a birth they can feel positive about.

A big part of hypnobirthing is learning all about what your body is actually doing during labour. This helps to build confidence and remove fears about the process, which increases your likelihood of a positive birth experience. As our minds and bodies are deeply connected; your state of mind will influence how your body goes through labour and likewise, whatever your body is doing impacts on how your mind behaves. This is why preparing both your body and your mind for the birth of your baby works so well. I’ll teach you how to practice deep relaxation entering a hypnotic and blissful state with the support of hypnobirthing tracks to listen to throughout your pregnancy and labour. We’ll look at how to use your breath, move your body and create a wonderful environment to birth your baby. You and your birth partner will be able to work as a team, giving you the best support possible with practical tools and an understanding of birth physiology, a sense of confidence – even excitement about your baby’s birth!

If you’re having a baby in Worcestershire, get in touch to find out how I can help. I can’t wait to support you through this incredible time.

Contact Zoe

Tel. 07950 892 917

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