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Aqua Yoga


What is Aqua-Yoga?

Aqua-Yoga is a gentle yet effective form of exercise in a warm swimming pool which combines stretching, breathing and relaxation. Aqua Yoga at Chessgrove Swim follows the Birthlight programme, and the sessions are great for easing the aches and pains often associated with pregnancy. Classes are designed to help you stretch, relax, meet other Mums-to-be and switch off from the distractions of every day life. Classes are taught by Birthlight-trained teachers in our luxuriously warm pool, and are approved by our local midwives.


The benefits of Aqua-Yoga

These classes are particularly beneficial to pregnant ladies as the resistance of the water helps them to stretch and tone muscles ready for birth but without the risk of overstretching and straining. The exercises can also help to alleviate some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy such as back ache, swollen ankles and pelvic pain. And the buoyancy that the water provides allows a moment away from the “heavy” feeling of later pregnancy.

Tel. 01527 821978   Email  info@chessgroveswim.co.uk

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Broughton Hacket

Exclusive Gym, 

Broughton Hackett, 



Exclusive Bumps and Babies

Exclusive Bumps and Babies classes are specifically designed for pre and postnatal mums, specifically designed by a very highly qualified and experienced trainer, with specialist knowledge into pregnancy fitness and postnatal fitness. 


The pregnancy classes are based around keeping your body moving while pregnant, with light cardiovascular workouts with weighted exercises and pelvic floor and work to keep the back and pelvis strong during pregnancy. 


The postnatal classes are designed for mums 6 weeks post birth (12 weeks after a c section) to help rebuild core strength, along with cardiovascular work with a fun circuit based class, using your baby as your weight. 


The classes are kept to a small number so the mums can really get the specific help they need. It’s a great chance to meet other new mums, and take part in some exercise to help you feel good about yourself! 


The classes are based at Exclusive Gym, a small independent run gym located 5 minutes from Worcester Hospital. The gym is run by husband and wife team, Phil and Martha, and the classes are run by Martha herself. We have space for you to have a cup of tea or coffee and feed the babies after your session, with baby changing facilities and ample free parking, and a great walk around the brook for after your class if you wish.

Call Martha on 07989597623

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Glowing Mamma @ Actively Stronger


Hey Mamas! We’re Actively Stronger, a Worcestershire based fitness company specialising in inclusive, supportive and judgement- free exercise.


We’re launching an exciting new program Glowing Mamma @ Actively Stronger, alongside our Group Exercise instructor, Rosie, a Worcestershire based midwife and mama to three children ranging from 2-9 years of age. 


Alongside midwifery, Rosie is a fully qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Instructor. 


We’re incredibly excited to share with you all the health and social benefits from training in your pregnancy and after you’ve had your bundle of joy too. At Actively Stronger we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive and safe environment for all fitness levels, from complete beginner to more advanced.


Everyone is welcome at Actively Stronger, especially those glowing mamas. 

Classes run on Mondays at our beautiful rural venue based conveniently between Worcester and Droitwich.

Mondays 10AM Glowing Mamma train and natter: >8 weeks

(12 weeks if born by caesarean section)

Mondays 11AM Glowing Mamma train and natter: <8 weeks

(12 weeks if born by caesarean section)

Mondays 5.50PM Glowing Mamma to be train and natter: 14weeks pregnant+

You can find us on facebook at Glowing Mamma @Actively Stronger or email us at info@activelystronger.co.uk

Contact Rosie

E-mail   info@activelystronger.co.uk

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Carrie Kidman Beeson Fitness Classes

Our classes are specifically designed for mums-to-be and postnatal mums and are taught by highly trained ante and postnatal instructors. 

During the antenatal class we work on strength, stamina and endurance in the muscle groups traditionally weakened during pregnancy while releasing muscle tensions which will help to counteract all those niggles, aches and pains.  It will also set you up for the physical demands of late pregnancy, labour and those early days with a little one. 

Our postnatal classes help ladies to rebuild their strength and body shape in a safe way. We have a free Creche at all daytime classes so you can see your baby and know they are safe whilst you exercise.

A fantastic opportunity to meet other mums/ mums-to-be.  Following your class you will leave feel relaxed, energised and revitalised!

 Colwall and Malvern

Call Carrie on 07990 658743

Bumpylicious at The Wheel of Life Centre

Bumpylicious is an ante natal fitness and well-being session that delivers specific exercise instruction for pregnancy and labour, plus relevant nutritional and lifestyle advice." Ruth Heatley is a highly qualified ante (and post) natal fitness instructor, personal trainer, health advisor, registered nurse and nutritionist, as well as Mum and athlete.

Tel.  01684 565586       www.wheeloflifecentre.co.uk